Responsible Gambling

Punt Club, as a partner of Luxbet, is a designated service under the defintions of the AUSTRAC Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing ACT 2006 (AML/CTF).

As a result of this designation, Punt Club and Luxbet are required to undertake a risk based assessment of our customers, betting patterns and staff activity to detect any improper activity.

In order to comply with the relevant regulations, Punt Club will require each individual who opens an account with Punt Club to provide the relevant information. As a minimum requirement, Punt Club requires a 100 point ID check.

Responsible Gambling

Luxbet believes that industry, government and the community have a shared responsibility to help prevent the development of gambling related problems, and to ensure that problem gambling support services are available for those individuals requiring assistance.
For the majority of people, gambling is a pleasurable leisure activity and an enjoyable form of entertainment.  Luxbet appreciates that for a small number of people, gambling can have a negative impact on their life. As a result Luxbet has developed this Responsible Gambling Code (“the Code”) which outlines certain practices adopted by us when providing services to our customers.
Responsible Gambling code of Practice
Luxbet is subject to the Northern Territory Responsible Gambling Code of Practice and the Responsible Gambling Manual.
Responsible Gambling
Responsible Gambling involves the conduct of gambling in a manner where the potential for harm associated with gambling is reduced.
Luxbet respects the rights of our customers to enjoy our services and to take responsibility for their own conduct, but also acknowledges our own responsibility to our customers to provide them with appropriate information that may assist them to manage their gambling.
The aim of this Code is to ensure that customers make informed decisions about gambling and if that customer requires assistance, to facilitate their access to gambling help services.
Problem Gambling
Problem Gambling occurs when there is a lack of control over gambling, particularly the scope and frequency of gambling and the amount of recreational time spent gambling.
“Think of the people who need your support. Gamble Responsibly”
The negative impacts may include:
·         Extreme financial losses relative to their sources of income;
·         Adverse personal affect on the customer, his or her family and friends;
·         Adverse affect on employers and work performance.
Luxbet’s aim is to achieve equilibrium in the provision of gambling services, taking into account those customers who enjoy our services and use them as a form of entertainment, wellbeing of our customers who have an acknowledged gambling problem, their families and the community at large.
Luxbet endeavours to accomplish the following results:
·         Minimise the negative impact of gambling issues to customers, their families and the wider community.
·         Provide information to our customers that enable them to make informed decisions about their gambling practices.
·         Provide our customers who have an acknowledged gambling problem with access to our Self Exclusion Program and facilitate their access to appropriate support agencies and information.
·         The promotion of a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry, regulators and the Government of responsible gambling practices and the rights and responsibilities in accordance to these practices.
Information we make available to you to ensure you understand our products:
·         This Code;
·         Our Betting Rules;
·         Our Self-Exclusion Program; and,
·         Complaint Resolution Mechanisms
Information on Odds
Bookmaker’s odds are normally calculated to the Bookmakers advantage. The price of the selection, although an indication of chance, is not a true reflection of the selections chance of winningFor further information regarding our products, please refer to the Betting Rules on our website.
Self -Exclusion
Luxbet has a Self Exclusion Program.  The Program allows customers to self exclude from our services and also close any accounts they hold with us.
Any person wishing to self exclude from our services can obtain information from us in the following ways:
Phone: Contact us on 1300 589 238
Internet: The procedures that support this Program are available on our website at
Luxbet will take all reasonable steps to ensure that customers on our Self Exclusion Program are prevented from using their existing accounts or opening new accounts. Whilst on the Self Exclusion Program, customers also have certain obligations contained in the terms and conditions that they acknowledge when they join the Self Exclusion Program.
Customers must familiarise themselves with these obligations and adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of our Self Exclusion Program. Luxbet will not be held liable for any breach by the customer of the terms and conditions of the Self Exclusion Program that results in the customer regaining access to our betting services or for any losses incurred by the customer.
Any customer wishing to remove themselves from our Self Exclusion Program must complete the “Request to Remove from Self Exclusion Program” form (available on our website or by emailing and submit it, along with a report from an approved gambling support counsellor to:
General Manager, Regulatory and Compliance
GPO BOX 4168
Sydney NSW 2000
Customer Complaints & Resolution
If we haven’t provided the levels of service you expect, or if you have a concern with Luxbet, please tell us. We have a formal Complaint Management Policy in place to ensure that your complaint is addressed appropriately.
If you wish to raise any complaint with us, please raise it in accordance with the following Complaint Resolution Policy.
All complaints are to be referred to the GM, Regulatory, Regulatory and Compliance either:
In writing: GPO BOX 4168, Sydney NSW 2000
Via phone: 1300 589 268
The GM, Regulatory and Compliance will:
·         If you make your complaint in writing or by email, acknowledge your complaint in writing or by email within 5 working days of its receipt.
·         If you make the complaint via the telephone, we will acknowledge your complaint at the time you make the complaint.
·         Investigate your complaint and advise you of the outcome of your complaint within twenty working days.
·         Ensure Luxbet’s Complaint Register is updated.
If your complaint cannot be resolved within 14 working days, you will be informed of the new timeframe for resolution.
We will provide you with the outcome in the most appropriate manner, taking into account how you contacted us. For instance, if you contacted us by telephone, we will provide you with the outcome of your complaint by calling you.
Any solution arrived at by Luxbet will be supported by evidence of the appropriate policy or procedural statement and / or legislative conditions. This will be advised in writing.
If you are not satisfied with Luxbet’s decision regarding your complaint, you can appeal our decision to the NT Racing Commission either:
In writing: Licensing Regulation, GPO Box 1154, Darwin NT 0801
Via phone: 08 8999 1312

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